Understanding CBD Creams

The market has been flooded with numerous CBD products and one of the foremost and most popular methods of application of CBD oil is through CBD creams and lotions. These are for topical application, where the CBD is absorbed through the skin.

CBD is best consumed sublingually, but the topical application has various other effects that are discussed below. Many do not like the taste o CBD oil, which is often very bitter; in such cases choosing a topical cream for joint or muscle pain or injuries is ideal, as they can be applied to the target locations. Commonly confused with THC, CBD compound is the second most active compound of the sister plant, which is generally hemp. It is not that CBD cannot be derived from marijuana, however, due to the stigma attached to the plants’ main psychoactive ingredient THC; it is not legal in most countries.

Why choose a topical application?

CBD infused topical treatments include, creams, lotions, salves, and transdermal patches, which can be targeted to the problem areas, like joints and muscles. A typical CBD infused cream will be infused with phytocannabinoid CBD. Like all CBD products, there can be two options; a full spectrum infusion, or infusion with an isolate. A full-spectrum infusion will not only contain CBD but also other minor cannabinoids and terpenes; an isolate is just CBD without any other type of cannabinoid, (there is more than eighty present). 

The main difference between a salve, lotion, and cream is the consistency of the product. The concentration of CBD may be the same, but the consistency will vary between different mediums. When topical applications are used, they do not just affect the surface of the skin, but also permeates the subdermal layers of the skin. Research has proven that the CBD interacts with the receptors and enzymatic factors that are within our skins to give relief to the problematic areas, modulating pain and inflammation. As our skin is quite thick, the CBD will not be absorbed into the bloodstream, instead, it will only affect the area where it has been used.

CBD creams can help soothe skin conditions such as psoriasis, contact dermatitis, soothe itchy skin from other infections, and also help with joint, muscles and injury pain. The creams provide an analgesic effect, making sure that the pain or the irritation subsides.

How to use CBD cream?

Choosing a cream or a lotion with the right concentration of CBD oil in the product is essential to regulating the dosage of the compound. While many companies will ensure that each pump will dispense a measured quantity for the regulation of the dosage, not all companies offer the same privilege; in such cases, it is the concentration of the product that will matter at the end. It has been noted, however, that board-spectrum creams and lotions are far more effective in treating with topical application than an isolate or distillate, which are still beneficial, just not to the same extent and the full spectrum creams.

CBD products are replacing various pain medications and choosing the right CBD cream can make a big difference for the management of pain and inflammation and other skin problems.