How to make CBD oil?

Making CBD oil at home is not difficult; however, it does require a lot of time and patience. There are two main methods that are easy to use for beginners and heavy users alike. The first method uses oil and the second, and supposedly the purest form of extraction is by using alcohol. While both are very easy to do, the alcohol is definitely less time consuming and will give the purest form of the oil.

How to extract using the oil method?

The oil method, of course, will require high-quality carrier oil, which can be coconut or olive oil. This method is long drawn out and requires the user to ensure that the cannabis is decarboxylated. The term decarboxylated means that the weed has been put through low heating temperatures for sometimes to ensure that the chemical reaction to remove the carboxyl group; this removes the carbon atom from the carbon chain in the compound.

All cannabinoid compounds in the trichomes of cannabis flower contain an extra ring of the carboxyl group, and decarboxylation simply removes the extra carboxyl group from this. It is indeed a simple step, where the user will have to separate the leaves and the buds and put it into an oven at 100°C between one and a half hours or a little more, before proceeding with the extraction for the oil.

Once this step is complete, grind the cannabis and then add it to the oil of choice. The ground cannabis should then be saturated with the oil; the quantity can vary, depending on the potency that the user is looking for. The mixture should then be brought to a boil using a water bath. This means that the jar the ground cannabis and the oil in, should be placed in the pot with water; place a towel at the bottom of the pot and secure the jar with the mixture, and close the lid of the jar.

Add extra water, until the thermometer reaches 92.33°C.  Then simmer the jar submerges in the water for three hours. After that, cook for another three hours, and then let it heat for another three hours. Let the mixture rest overnight and cannabis oil is ready to be used.

Alcohol method

This is the easiest extraction method; it requires the ground cannabis to be put in a ceramic bowl along with the alcohol. Let it rest for about 6 minutes. Remove the resin using a wooden spoon. Using a cheesecloth, strain the solvent, squeezing as much of the solvent as possible into a pot; in a double boiler or a water bath, place the smaller pot, in a larger one with water and heat the solvent, until bubbles are formed. This should be heated on low heat for about 30 minutes until the alcohol has evaporated and what is left is the oil in the purest form. The alcohol method is the easiest to make for beginners and also results in potent and clean oil, ready to use in numerous ways. High-quality cannabis oil is possible by choosing the best buds for quality control.